Speaking to me in 1994, just before the release of his first, and greatly under-rated solo album, ‘The Snake’, Shane MacGowan reflects on the importance of religion in his life and his frustration and disillusionment with the music business.

Interview with Phil & Peter, the Kildare Bhoys, Arlington House hostel, 1997.

The Good Mixer pub, next to Arlington House, Camden Town.
The Good Mixer pub, next to Arlington House. Image: https://www.thegoodmixer.co.uk/

Reflections on a one-year road test of mindfulness meditation

Photo of tranquil river scene in NSW, Australia.
Murrumbidgee river, NSW, Australia.

Keeping track of your thinking processes across research and design projects may give you insights that will help you meet new challenges more effectively.

Journal and fountain pens

Backyard gum trees provide homes and food for multiple species, but as building density in suburbia increases, the pressure on this important habitat has intensified.

Early morning Blackbutt Gum Tree, Eucalyptus pilularis

Interview with ‘Peter’ who lived a working life digging in the tunnels — where ‘you could be drowned, you could be gassed’ at any minute.

In the tunnels of the Victoria Line

Resurfacing after twenty years, interviews with the Irish residents of Arlington House, London’s biggest hostel for the homeless.

Picture of the floppy disk used for ‘Interview book back-up’
Floppy disk used for ‘interview book back-up’

jim mccool

Human-Centred-Design consultant, critical thinker, writer, researcher, storyteller, believes we can work together to find a better way to live.

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